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Communication is one of the key elements of success. One of the many ways Sebia works towards maintaining a dynamic two-way communication with its customers is by publishing a company newsletter - SEPARATIONS. Sebia SEPARATIONS contains product introductions and updates, customer profiles, and useful technical hints, tips and suggestions. Current and back issues of this valuable resource are provided below.

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Customer Feedback
Another key element of success for a company is to always remain focused on and to listen to their customers. Sebia does. The "Customer Focus" program is one avenue for customers who currently use Sebia products to share their stories and experiences. Discussions of the company, products, performance and support can all be found in the "Customer Focus" articles available below.

• Alverno Clinical Laboratories; Hammond, Indiana
• Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, P.C.; Wheaton, MD
• Berenson Oncology; West Hollywood, CA
• BG-University Hospital Bergmannsheil; Bochum, Germany
• Biotech One at UMass Health Care; Worcester, MA
• Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Los Angeles, CA
• Central Pennsylvania Alliance Laboratory; York, PA
• Compunet Clinical Laboratory; Moraine, OH
• Duke University Medical Center; Durham, NC
• HealthCare Clinical Laboratories; Stockton, CA
• Medical Center of Louisiana; New Orleans, LA
• Memorial Hospital; Chattanooga, TN
• NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; New York, NY
• Physicians Reference Laboratory; Overland Park, KS
• Research & Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc.; Knoxville, TN
• St. John Health System; Detroit, MI
• St. Luke’s Hospital; Bethlehem, PA
• St. Marys Hospital Medical Center; Madison, WI
• TriHealth Laboratory Services; Cincinnati, OH
• University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA
• University of Michigan Hospitals; Ann Arbor, MI
• Virginia Hospital Center; Arlington, VA