The HYRYS produces very nice graphs, and it offers good functionality for data management.”

Sharron E. Kelly, MA, MT(ASCP)
S.I. Manager, Divisions of Immunology and Cytometry Hematology and ER/AC
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
HYRYS™ 2 Densitometer

Programmable Multitasking Densitometer
The HYRYS™ 2 densitometer is reflective of Sebia's expertise in the development and design of imaging systems and densitometers utilized in the electrophoresis field. This programmable, multitasking densitometer speeds sample processing by allowing the operator to simultaneously perform various functions. The HYRYS™ 2 densitometer utilizes user-friendly Windows™ based software and features bi-directional host query capabilities.

Most notable features of the HYRYS™ 2 densitometer:

  • High resolution optics to ensure accuracy of readings up to 6 O.D.; linearity is never an issue.
  • Scanning and execution times of less than two seconds per sample; speeds workflow.
  • Storage of up to 100,000 curves and results; extensive database management.
  • Extensive curve editing capabilities automatic curve delimiting, curve overlay and peak delimiting.
  • Fully customizable, chartable patient reports.
  • Statistical program with three levels of QC per analyte including Levey-Jennings charts.
  • Option to import comments from a word processor program.

HYRYS™ 2 HIT Densitometer

Programmable Multitasking Densitometer with Imaging Capabilities
This model offers all of the benefits and functionality of the HYRYS™ 2 densitometer with the additional feature of being able to connect to a small imaging scanner for importing and storage of up to 10,000 immunofixation results or images. This additional feature allows for complete patient profiling and reporting. Other additional features include:

  • inter-lab result transfer through a modem and
  • the capability of having an inter-lab result database network.