We often see things on the High Resolution gel that we might not normally detect on a 5-fraction protein gel.”

Dr. Gary Lipscomb
Medical Center of
Louisiana at New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
High Resolution

High Resolution is the ultimate in protein separation and is designed for all fluid types including serum, urine and CSF. Qualitative or quantitative, this gel is unsurpassed in resolution and high sensitivity needed for the detection of very weak fractions and oligoclonal banding. Higher resolution means additional protein bands can be visualized and identified which normally migrate together in the classic five zone Protein separation or the six fraction b1+b2 assay. This kit is offered in two formats depending on the type of stain included. Amido black is excellent for quantitative analysis while acid violet provides enhanced sensitivity excellent for urine or spinal fluid screening. Acid violet can also be quantitated. Flexibility in the HYDRASYS® programming combined with Sebia's unique patented sample applicator combs means undiluted serum, concentrated urine or CSF, and even unconcentrated urine can be tested on this gel. This kit delivers the high resolution, sensitivity and flexibility to address any laboratory's requirements.

P/N Description # Tests/Gel # Tests/Kit
4102 Hydragel 7 HR Acid Violet 7 70
4122 Hydragel 15 HR Acid Violet 15 150
4105 Hydragel 7 HR Amido Black 7 70
4125 Hydragel 15 HR Amido Black 15 150
Manual Assays
3001 Hydragel HR K20 7 70
Protein Control
4785 Normal Control 5 x 1 mL
4787 Hypergamma Control 5 x 1 mL